Aenarion (41 Paladin) - Mangler

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Failing to use correct format in application post will have high chance that your application will be ignored.
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Mon Apr 15, 2019 1:19 pm

Hello everyone,

General character information

The character I wish to apply on is my High Elf Paladin called Aenarion, I also play my buff/slow box Ogre Shaman named Kargos Bloodspitter (40) as a basis to start groups in the morning when the server is sleeping, though generally drop him once I can find real people to play with.

General player information

I'm based in the UK (Cheshire) and have a lot of spare time due to being at the end stages of my Masters degree. I have recently come back to Everquest as I miss the social and roleplay aspects of the MMO genre. My goals in Everquest is to; make new friends, go on lots of adventures and flex a flaming sword!

Previous games/servers played on

I've played most of the MMO's playing mostly support hybrid or tank classes, my Everquest characters since 2000 are:

Maskoriz Gurkhali - 65 Shadowknight (Tunare)
Zhufor the Hateful - 64 Shadowknight (Phinigel)
Hellequinn - 70 Ranger (Phinigel)
Kargos - 70 Shaman (Phinigel)
Aenarion - 41 Paladin (Mangler)
Kargos Bloodsplitter 40 Shaman (Mangler)
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Mon Apr 15, 2019 3:00 pm


One of my best gaming buddies from these TLPs. I've been trying to get him to app for a few weeks now, but he was finishing his school year and got married, so he was waiting to close all that out.

He last played on Phinny with Caer Cadarn and was one of the best SKs on the EU side - maybe #2, only to me. :D
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Tue Apr 16, 2019 11:28 am

Hi and welcome to the forums or should i see welcome to the queue? :)

We will update this post once a trial spot is available.

Keep checking the forums and pm.

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