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Thu Apr 11, 2019 10:49 pm

Hello hello,
Fartacus here
Best game ever, been playing since around 2000, when Velious was the %#!@$. Saw the coming of Luclin and a bit more.
Did they won the best games of the year award 20 years in a row.
EQ2-Vanguard, Mortal Online and SWG before they jumped to lightspeed.
Monster Hunter Ultimate 3 or 4 was one of my favorite.
Big fan of Gradius on the NES :0
Wish they would make a PVP TLP
I spent some times on Plane recently, haven't taken down any big dragon yet on the server.
Big fan of Tetris but I think /gem ain't cutting it just yet.
I'm about to get my lvl 50 diploma and been playing on alts as well, but as for now I would like to join with my fart.
I use to hang in Riverdall but the music ain't good. Got grounded for pulling guards toward evils in the tunnel the other night, for any of you who lost 15min of xp for that I half apologize.
I been juggling with the idea of making characters that would only kill a specific type of mob, cleric and paladin that would hunt undead from start to finish for exemple. Send me a tell if you'r into it, got a Cleric lvl 1 named Egon awaiting another Clerics or else to join the Ghostbusters expedition.
Until we meet,
Fartacus out.
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Wed Apr 17, 2019 3:25 pm

Hi Fartacus, no I'm fartacus!

Atm we have a huge queue for apps. We will reply here when a slot becomes available.

Cheers, Fufinski
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