Calawar (15 Warrior) Mangler

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Sat Apr 06, 2019 11:55 am

Hello folks,

General player information
My name is Andréas and i come from Sweden. I'm 43 years old and work as a Real Estate Broker. Part from playing games like EQ i'd say hanging out with my family is what i spend my time doing on my spare time.

General character information

I focus mainly on 3 chars at this moment where i consider my Warrior to be my main. I also play a Enchanter (Calachant) and a Cleric (Caladria). They are all in the same level range at this moment.

Previous games/servers played on
Started out as a mage named Azelin on the E'ci server back in the days. Early velious i switched to a Bard and played in a guild called Reconstructed. Later joined Afterlife for a short time before stopping due to playing with americans took too high of a toll with the time differences. Moved to AB (euro) server to help some friends progress and ended up playing with Darkwind. Played with them ever since.
I usually end up with a variation of the name Cala, like Calawar, Calachant or Caladria, Valadria, Naladria and so forth.
I've raided on an a higher level as: Bard, Warrior, Mage, Chanter, Cleric and i've played about every class in game part from Paladin.
I played with Darkwind AB as a Bard and Cleric, on Ragefire as a Bard, Warrior, SK and Cleric and on Phinnigal as a Cleric and War.

Why i want to join Europa Mangler

Part from all the positive run ins i've had with your members a lot of my old friends and guild mates joined your ranks. If they chose you i know they did so for a good reason.

Other games
When it comes to other games of the genre i guess i've played them all. Everything from EQ and forward. The only one that really has competed with EQ from my view has been WoW where i used to play on a pretty darn high level. However, that doesn't work very well with family life. I'd like to mention Vanguard, SW:Tor and Star Wars Galaxis among the better ones part from EQ. Yet i always fall back on EQ.
The only reason i've ever stoped playing EQ is because failing guild really.

My goal is to raid 100 %. However, with the line of work i do plans might change quickly and ill end up having to work on a short notice. Keeping it around 90% shouldn't be a problem though.
What drives me in raiding? First kills. Always. Yet that feels a bit strange to say considering i've done all the "first kills" already. Still looking forward to taking down raid bosses like it's never been done before.

Last but not least

Ill be pushing for leveling up as much as i can. Got any questions or got a toon in my range, just shoot me a tell and we play.

Best regards

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Sun Apr 07, 2019 4:09 am

Hi Calawar, welcome to the forums.

Damn that's a well written app ! Sadly doesn't get you to slip the crazy queue we have at the moment ;) , so there will be a delay in processing your app. Look out for a reply to this post when a slot is available.

Cheers, Fufinski.
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Thu Apr 11, 2019 3:50 am

Hello folks,

Short update about the progress.

Warrior is 32 at this moment and with nearly as good gear you can possibly get before raids part from a few exceptions i haven't been able to motivate quit yet due to the crazy prices.
Cleric is 31 and enchanter is 30.
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Thu Apr 11, 2019 7:22 am

Thanks for the update!
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