Order of Apps

Please follow the instructions found in the <How to apply> post. Remember to register using the name of the character you are applying with. Also please remember to add both name, class and level to your applications subject line.
Forum rules
Please create an account using just the name of the main character that you intend to apply with as the username. Read this https://www.europa-gaming.net/phpBB3/vi ... p?f=6&t=19 post carefully before posting application.

Failing to use correct format in application post will have high chance that your application will be ignored.
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we want to be as transparent as possible with the application process, thats why we created a list where you can see where your application stands.

Regular trial is 4 weeks, 3 weeks if the applicant has 10+ votes.

New trials will be invited starting April, 8th.

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Origo      29 BRD  30-Mar 23:13
Daer       40 RNG  31-Mar 04:11
Kalte      43 War   1-Apr 19:15
Greemy     50 MAG   2-Apr 08:11
Funker     50 BRD   2-Apr 21:36
Abadonna   22 PAL   3-Apr 13:09
Relict     31 NEC   3-Apr 15:23
Albien     28 SHM   3-Apr 15:44
Quess      30 BRD   5-Apr 19:49
Calawar    15 War   6-Apr 11:55
Boopd      21 ENC   6-Apr 16:49
Jmitch     50 ENC   6-Apr 21:14
Finghin    27 DRU   8-Apr 23:04
Urguk      30 SHD   9-Apr 15:51
Zakarath   50 NEC  10-Apr 13:30
Hits       46 MNK  10-Apr 19:52
Doomweed   31 RNG  11-Apr 10:40
Fartacus   49 DRU  11-Apr 20:49
Msfork     39 ENC  11-Apr 20:58
Banaroof   50 BRD  15-Apr 09:10
Aenarion   41 PAL  15-Apr 13:19
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