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Posted: Mon May 14, 2018 3:25 pm
by Tavai
General character information
Hello all i am Tavai 61 beastlord i have somewhat decent gear for never really raiding on this server but this is my only toon and the only one ill play i love beastlords and played one on live for along time and on project 2002

General player information
My name is Timmy i live in the USA in GA about an hour from atlanta and i work nightshift so raiding is hard for me to do unless im in a euro guild im an experienced eq player but my knowledge is very slim with PoP raids and what not but ive raiding alot in luclin all zones and mobs

Previous games/servers played on
ive played live for along time as a beastlord and also mained a beastlord on project 2002 and played a beastlord for a good time on SoD
Raiding ambitions
i am 100% ready to raid ever raid day with the occasional sundays my wife may be off on and im almost 62 and only 6 aas but im working very hard on getting to max level and starting aas

Re: Tavai

Posted: Mon May 14, 2018 6:43 pm
by Xarma
Welcome to the forums.

I'm afraid we're hitting the point of the expansion where you'll need to be max level in order to get a raider trial invite. Our raider spots are also quite filled up at the moment so the best thing we will be able to offer is a spot at the raider reservist rank once you hit level 65 and do a trial.

Alternatively there is the option for getting a trial-free Friends & Family invite incase you happen to know someone in the guild willing to vouch for you, but sadly that also comes with an even lower chance of getting a spot on raids when they fill up.