Treanna (9 Druid)

Please follow the instructions found in the <How to apply> post. Remember to register using the name of the character you are applying with. Also please remember to add both name, class and level to your applications subject line.
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General character information
I am a friend of Tincea, I came from the AB server I am a full time raider on live in the guild shadows of doom, I play a level 110 Bard / 110 Shammy / 110 Wizard / 106 Ranger / 86 Druid / 86 Enchanter / 85 Necro / 85 SK / 85 Enchanter, and a toon of toons from 1 - 80.... I am coming to join my friend as a Druid on this server in the hopes to be friend/family maybe if my raid times don't interfere and I get levels needed I might apply for a trial.

General player information
Well my name is Janna, I am from California I am a experience Everquest player on the live servers but this will be my first attempt at progression based.

Previous games/servers played on
I played Overwatch before, and I been play on AB server in SoD, as I said I am seeking a friends/family spot of Tincea as my mentor.

Raiding ambitions
I play to apply as friends and family for now if that changes and I seek raiding I will apply for a trail in a future time.

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Welcome to the forums!

You will need Tincea to reply to this thread stating that he'll vouch for you, then we can look to get you sorted with a F&F invite.
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