Kailea ( 37 Cleric )

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I am looking for a home for my cleric (main) and chanter (alt).

General Char Info: Kailea, 37 HLF CLR (main) and Dimsedutter , 17 Gnome ENC (alt). I chose cleric because I like to heal and

General Player Info: I am a 39 year old woman from Denmark, I work the dayshift as a plant operator making medical equipment (specifically stoma care products). I live with my boy friend, our 2 year old daughter and 2 cats in a small town north of Copenhagen, close to Helsinore. When I'm not online I love to listen to music especially hard rock and heavy metal and bands like: Metallica, Avenged Sevenfold, Iron Maiden, Volbeat, Black Sabbath, Slash feat. Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators, AC/DC, King Diamond, Merciful Fate etc. I also knit and crotchet and hang out with friends.

Previous games/servers: I began playing MMOs in 2002 and EQ was my very first game in the genre. I have always played on Antonius Bayle as that was the only EU server at the time. My first char was a druid I got to 54 before I gave up and rerolled a chanter. I loved my chanter and have raided most content in PoP up to and including Rathe Council. I did some GoD and OoW as well, but I don't recall much from them.
I moved on from EQ to EQ2 in the fall of 2004, but I never really got that into it and quickly moved on to open beta on WoW. I started playing on Runetotem with some former guild mates from EQ, but I was having a hard time choosing a class as main. I finally settled on a druid during TBC and got into raiding with a group of RL mates on Azjol Nerub. I have played most expansions but as a casual player since Cataclysm and for the last 2 expansions I have lost interest after a while at max level.
I have played a lot of other MMOs, but not for long periods of time including: Vanguard, Aion, Warhammer, Rift, SW:TOR, the Secret World, LotRO and more, but not for long periods of time.

Raiding Ambitions: None, I am a casual player. My working schedule and family life doesn't leave enough free time to spend on raiding. I have done it in two games already and to be quite frank I can't be arsed to do it again.

Thank you for taking the time to read my application and I hope to hear from you in-game soon
Kailea / Lene

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Hi Kailea,

Welcome to the forums.

A Friends & Family invite would be perfect for you. We are a raiding guild first and foremost but yes we also like to be a home to casual european players, of which we have a few. In order to get an F&F invite you will need to find someone in the guild who is willing to vouch for you (they will have to reply here stating that). If you don't know anyone, then I suggest trying to group with Europa players so they can get to know you. You can also join our Discord and communicate in our public channels. https://discord.gg/aUtsAgU

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I have been exping with Kailea in velks and I will vouche. Good dude and good heals!


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Perfect, then the next step will be to contact myself, Fufinski or Necromicon in-game and we can get you sorted with a Friends & Family invite.
Xarma - Level 65 Wood Elf Bard

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