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Neurro (11 Gnome Necro)

Posted: Tue Feb 06, 2018 11:11 pm
by Neurro
Hi all, nice to meet you,

General character information - While I get used to the game again (I've lost 13 years) I'd like to concentrate on this little fella, love Questing so Epic is a must. From there who knows...

General player information - I'm 49, from Stoke (UK), been in the Royal Air Force for *cough* 29 Years so be leaving this year, currently an ICT Instructor at RAF Cosford near Wolverhampton. I'm a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Sports Massage Therapist and Personal Trainer. Aside from gaming myself and my partner are passionate Bodybuilders, she competed last year and I hope to be on stage next year, more info to follow I'm sure.

Previous games/servers played on - Shortly after EQ's launch I was on Luclin as a High Elf Cleric for 8 years (Clermont Soulsoother), SWG (Eddie Lizzard, forget the Server sorry), WOW (Moonpie, again forget the Server sorry), FFXIV (Neuro Toxin, Ragnarok), despite the Graphics, none of the other games had what EQ has, and soooo far I'm loving being back.

Raiding ambitions - Love the thrill of End Game, had many a Wipefest and didn't care, was 60-man raids when I left, and that was with no discord, ventrillo, or teamspeak, was epic. Am in no rush at all to get the best gear, but of coarse i want it. With me working away in the RAF I can say that i could easily commit to 2 or 3 days raiding when i'm high enough.

Main reason for me wanting a Guild is for the belonging, the fun banter, the help i can give, and welcoming the help back, but i never beg.
Main reason for me wanting Europa Agnarr is everything i have seen here, and in game so far has been first class.

I hope that's enough for now, I hope to see you in-game soon,

Ciao for now,


Re: Neurro (11 Gnome Necro)

Posted: Wed Feb 07, 2018 12:02 am
by Xarma
Welcome to the forums!

You will need someone in the guild to vouch for you in order to get a Friends & Family invite while leveling but once you hit 60 you're welcome to do a raider trial with us. If you don't know anyone in the guild yet feel free to hop on our Discord ( to try and get to know some of us while leveling. However, I suspect it may be difficult as most of us are focusing on getting AA exp and keys for our mains at the moment but who knows someone might want a break by playing an alt for a bit.

Re: Neurro (11 Gnome Necro)

Posted: Wed Feb 07, 2018 7:59 am
by Neurro
Hi Xarma,

Thanks for the speedy reply, and i totally understand,

I'm enjoying leveling right now, learning my trade, and the mechanics of the game i left so many years ago, so i will take your advice and hopefully see you all more and more as i get stronger,

See you soon hopefully,