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Please follow the instructions found in the <How to apply> post. Remember to register using the name of the character you are applying with. Also please remember to add both name, class and level to your applications subject line.
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General character information
Give us a short description of your character(s) that you would like to join with. We allow for any number of alts to be invited to the guild but we encourage you to play your main character as much as possible in the begining as that makes it easier for our members to keep an eye out for you in-game to give them a chance to get to know you.

I have 14 toons on Agnarr some are low level others are 50+

General player information
Tell us a little about yourself, where you're from, line of work etc. Anything you are willing to share just to give people a chance to get to know you as person.

I'm a 31 year old male my birthday is 21/08. Im from Wollongong and I'm a football coach.

Previous games/servers played on
Tell us a little about what/where you've played before and what names you used there. You'd be surprised how often someone will strike up a conversation with you based on sharing a common history in/on a certain game/server.

Cazic-Thule, Bertox, Tribunal, The Rathe, Fippy, FV, Ragefire, Lockjaw, Phinigel, Agnarr and Zek. Ive used main names such as Gladiuss, Leslie, Jippen, Gladiolusx, Catsiege, Mikken, Nivx, Solidas, Aalilayen, Juikezril and Vanadyan.

Raiding ambitions
Let us know if you are interested in raiding and if so try to give an estimate of how often you think you'd be able to attend one of our raids. Information on our scheduled raid times can be found in this post that we would ask you to please read fully before filling out an application. If you are not interested in raiding at all, or aren't quite max level yet, but still want to join because you have friends in the guild remember to ask them to reply to your application confirming that they are willing to vouch for you.

I'm levelling up too raid I'd like too join early. I'd beable too attend 3 raids a week. I love the idea of a european guild and i'm extremely keen too join. I just group with guildys I don't know them.

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Welcome to the forums!

You'll need someone in the guild to vouch for you in order to get an (Friends & Family) prior to level 60. If you don't know anyone in the guild that well yet feel free to hop on our Discord ( and try to get to know some of us while leveling. Once you hit 60 you'll be able to do a raider trial for the Raider reservist rank which doesn't require a vouch.
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